Tasks timeline

Kólé's task timeline feature is a dynamic planning tool to view all project tasks in a chronological sequence, allowing project managers and team members to track progress and manage dependencies efficiently to make sure your project stays on schedule.

In-efficient coordination of project tasks

Construction projects are often complex, involving numerous tasks that need to be coordinated to ensure the project progresses smoothly and is completed on time. Common issues include delays, resource constraints, unexpected complications, and dependencies among tasks.

Due to the inherent scale and complexity of these tasks, it becomes difficult to identify the optimal sequence for tasks to minimize delays and resource conflicts and track the progress of various tasks simultaneously.

How does Kólé help with this?

Kólé offers a comprehensive task planning and management solution for construction projects.


Kólé provides a simple Gantt chart to show a clear and intuitive view of the project timeline, task sequences, and dependencies.

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Communication and collaboration

Kólé includes task-level collaboration features, such as real-time communication tools and document sharing capabilities. This facilitates effective communication among project team members, subcontractors, and stakeholders ensuring timely execution of tasks.

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