Streamline your projects' billing process, ensure accurate and timely management of invoicing for services received and materials used throughout all projects.

Complexities of multiple invoice management

In construction projects, invoicing can be a complex process. Project developers need to manage invoices from multiple suppliers for various goods and services required for the project. This can involve handling a large volume of invoices, difficulty ensuring accuracy, and verifying that the invoiced amounts align with the agreed-upon terms and prices.

Without a centralized and accurate invoicing system, construction companies struggle to precisely track project costs. Inaccuracies in billing can lead to budget overruns, affecting profitability and hindering financial forecasting.

How does Kólé help with this?

Kólé offers a comprehensive invoice management solution.

Managing payment terms

Kólé's invoicing solution helps to document and manage payment terms with suppliers to optimise cash flow and monitor payment deadlines in order to ensure timely payment and avoid disruptions to the project.

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Compliance and documentation

Comply with regulatory requirements and maintain accurate documentation of all invoicing-related activities. This includes maintaining records of invoices, purchase orders, receipts, and other relevant documents for auditing purposes and to demonstrate compliance with legal and financial regulations.

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