Keep a comprehensive record of your construction projects. Access reports covering project plans, specifications, changes, approvals, tasks, resource utilisation and other critical information essential for legal compliance, audits, and future reference

Inadequate project reporting

Construction projects are characterised by an extensive array of data and intricate details, presenting a formidable challenge in the efficient processing and preservation of information. The sheer volume and complexity of data involved in construction, ranging from architectural designs and engineering specifications to budgetary constraints and project timelines, necessitate a robust system for managing and storing this wealth of information.

In the construction industry, the repercussions of incomplete or inconsistent documentation reverberate across various aspects, potentially giving rise to serious legal and regulatory complications. Proper documentation is not merely a matter of administrative convenience; it serves as a critical safeguard against disputes, delays, and financial liabilities. Inaccurate or missing records can lead to contractual disputes, hinder compliance with building codes and regulations, and result in legal entanglements that may impede the smooth progression of a project.

How does Kólé help with this?

Kólé offers a comprehensive reporting solution for construction projects.

Comprehensive reporting

Kólé's comprehensive reporting solution is multifaceted. It provides insights into the past performance and trends of construction projects, going beyond basic project tracking by offering a detailed historical perspective, allowing stakeholders to analyse and learn from past experiences, identify patterns, and make informed decisions for future projects.

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Role-based reporting access

Tailor data visibility and report generation capabilities based on the specific roles and responsibilities of users within your projects. This approach ensures that individuals have access to the information relevant to their job functions while maintaining data security and confidentiality.

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