Alerts and notifications

Ensure that relevant information is communicated promptly to project team members, managers, and stakeholders through emails and mobile push notifications.

Communication lag

Construction projects, characterized by their intricate nature and constant evolution, involve a multitude of interrelated components. The dynamic nature of these projects requires seamless coordination and effective communication among team members and stakeholders. Without timely and clear communication, the potential for misunderstandings, delays, and coordination issues escalates significantly, compromising the overall execution of the project.

In construction, where precision and synchronisation are paramount, any breakdown in communication can have cascading effects. Team members must be well-informed about project updates, changes, and requirements to ensure that their contributions align with the evolving project landscape. This is especially crucial considering the diverse range of professionals involved, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers, each contributing their specialised expertise to the project.

How does Kólé help with this?

Kólé offers a comprehensive alerts and notifications solution for construction projects.

User-friendly alerts and notifications setup

Set up a comprehensive array of alert categories, encompassing upcoming tasks, milestones, deadlines, resource allocation, instances of resource overutilization, stockouts, and various other pertinent topics.

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Role-based alerts and notifications control

Leverage Kólé's role-based alerts and notification controls to manage the specific alerts and notifications that are delivered to each team member based on their assigned role.

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Frequently asked questions

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