Build faster, smarter, cleaner.

Designed to streamline and enhance every phase of your construction process. We provide you with the necessary tools to plan, manage, oversee, and successfully close your projects while prioritising sustainability at every step.

Crafted for hassle-free construction project execution

From meticulous planning to effective project management, seamless scheduling, budgeting and resource allocation, Kólé ensures your project stays on course with global net-zero targets and on budget.


Monitor cost and emissions

Get a comprehensive financial and environmental analysis of your project and take control of your budget with real-time insights.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual calculations. Kólé provides accuracy and transparency.


Effortless project progress monitoring

Stay on top of every task. Create and easily assign tasks, set priorities and deadlines, and monitor task progress in real-time.

No more endless email threads or missed deadlines. We offer a centralized hub for tracking and managing project tasks efficiently.


Simplify document management and safety

Get all your project documents at your fingertips, ready to be shared, reviewed, and updated easily.

Upload and organize project documents in one secure location to share files instantly with team members.


Streamline team management

Seamlessly manage project members. Invite new members and ensure data security with role-based access control with a few clicks!

Ensure your project team is always updated using our add and remove members feature from wherever you are.


Enhance project collaboration

Enable smooth and transparent project discussions. Message everyone involved in your project with comments on every task.

Our easy communication feature ensures everyone involved in your project are on the same page.


Customize currency preferences for precision.

Set your preferred currency for project budgeting to tailor your financial view to specific needs.

Easily switch between NGN, USD, GBP, ZAR and EUR, allowing you to track expenses in any currency accurately.


Explore the Kólé mobile and web app.

Our innovative solutions are now more accessible than ever before, bringing efficient construction management to your fingertips.


Exchange rate updated


Foundation phase created


Land clearing task created

Holistic construction management on the web

Stay in control of your projects with seamless access to scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, and more. Our user-friendly interface ensures you have the tools you need, wherever you go, empowering you to make informed decisions and streamline your workflows with unmatched convenience.


Download the Kólé Mobile App

Embrace the freedom and flexibility via Kólé mobile app. The true future of construction management in your pocket! Keep a look out via

I've been in the construction industry for years, and Kole has truly transformed the way I work. The app's features have helped me optimize resource allocation and streamline workflows, saving me time and money. The level of transparency and real-time project monitoring is unparalleled. Kole is now an essential tool in my construction arsenal.

Samuel O. - Construction Professional


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