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Designed to streamline and enhance every phase of your construction process. We provide you with the necessary tools to plan, manage, oversee, and successfully close your projects while prioritising sustainability at every step.

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From meticulous planning to effective project management, seamless scheduling, budgeting and resource allocation, Kólé ensures your project stays on course with global net-zero targets and on budget.

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Granular resource management

Assign personnel, materials and equipment to specific tasks. Track resource usage across different phases, buildings or tasks on your projects.


Nerve gives you a tailored and holistic approach to project portfolio management, facilitating sustainable resource allocation and procurement, granular performance tracking, and decision-friendly data presentation in alignment with your decision-making style and preferences.


Plan generates a project bill of quantities utilizing real-time market prices. The bill of quantities can be updated to account for changes in market prices. Populate your project schedule by incorporating the tasks and resources outlined in the generated bill of quantities.


Build is specifically tailored for overseeing the day to day operation of your projects, providing a robust suite of tools to enable task management, seamless collaboration among stakeholders, streamlined communication and real-time updates.

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